Senior Team Development

Ideal for: Senior Executive and Leadership Teams

Teams are the foundation of company performance. When the executive team works well together, the entire organization benefits. Conversely, when the executive team is not operating at its full potential, the organization suffers. 

Although each company and each team is unique, there are common performance issues that I help companies solve such as:
  • Interpersonal conflict and communication challenges among team members due to low trust and weak relationships

  • Ineffective decision making and execution due to poor collaboration, inconsistent feedback, and lack of mutual accountability

  • Power dynamics due to unclear and/or shifting roles and responsibilities

In addition to the performance issues listed above, I also work with teams facing the following types of transitions:
  • Launching a new leadership team or integrating new team members
  • Relaunching a team that is struggling to meet its objectives
  • Developing an existing team that is facing new opportunities and/or challenges
  • Accelerating alignment and performance between a new leader and team

To help the team successfully navigate and grow beyond these challenges, I work with the CEO and team to assess their current situation, define their unique needs, and establish a clear set of goals and a definition of optimal performance. 

Together, we develop a plan that is co-owned by the CEO, the team, and me. With our goals and plan defined, I serve as an embedded coach and accountability partner to help the team accelerate towards its objectives.

Readiness Roadmap – Each team will have a Readiness Roadmap containing the following
  • Clearly defined objectives and performance goals
  • Key Milestones, Feedback Process, and Quarterly Development Plan
  • Resources, Relationships, and Tools to accelerate the development journey 
Engagements can take many forms including:
  • Team Coaching Programs typically span 6-18 months, with a meeting cadence of 1-4 times per month.

  • Team Retreats designed for specific goals that address current team challenges/opportunities. 

  • Team Tune-Ups where teams revisit critical skills and behaviors to ensure optimal team performance and organizational value

If you are ready to accelerate your journey, contact me today to schedule a confidential discussion.

Darin helped our executive team break down existing silos and establish mutual accountability across the team. As a team, we began to proactively support those members who were underperforming and became extremely focused on any risks that could derail our business plan.
Judge Dobrient
SVP - Delek Retail

Darin has an incredible ability to quickly learn your business, the environment, and the people so that he can have an immediate impact in his work with you. He built the trust and credibility with our executive team that allowed him effectively challenge and hold us accountable for our progress.
Jennifer Butler
CHRO - Ingram Marine Group