Key Leader Development

Ideal for: High-Potential Leaders and Seasoned Executives

Individual Executive Coaching is designed for leaders who have built a track record of solid performance and have demonstrated their potential to perform at an even higher level. I help them develop the critical skills, perspectives, and strategies that can substantially elevate their leadership, performance, and personal fulfillment.

In today’s fast paced environments, leaders must quickly scale their capabilities with the ever increasing demands of their business. Eventually, all successful leaders are faced with situations where the skills and experiences that made them successful in the past, are no longer adequate for future challenges. Together, we create a custom approach to help the executive grow into the new demands of their role.

Common scenarios include
  • An expanded role resulting from a promotion, merger, or restructuring of the business
  • Rapid organizational growth that requires broader influence and executive leadership than individual performance and subject matter expertise
  • New challenges such as a CEO preparing for an IPO or a sale 
My 3-Stage Coaching Process includes
  1. Assessment – Assessing the executive’s readiness within the context of the company’s investment thesis, stage of development, industry, and objectives. This helps build awareness and alignment among the executive, their sponsor, and the coach regarding their strengths and development opportunities.

  2. Prioritization – Identifying and prioritizing the development area(s) that will have the greatest impact on performance and value creation.

  3. Execution and Evolution – Executing and evolving the development plan based on focused and consistent performance feedback. The executive will develop new strategies, skills, and perspectives to face new challenges and to propel the organization forward.  This is all done within the context of the current and future challenges/opportunities facing the business.

Readiness Roadmap – Each executive will have a Readiness Roadmap containing the following
  • Clearly defined objectives and performance goals
  • Key Milestones, Feedback Process, and Quarterly Performance Plan
  • Resources, Relationships, and Tools to accelerate the development journey

Duration: A typical engagement is 6 to 12 months with a meeting cadence of  2-4 times per month. Committed executives experience transformational growth in both the professional and personal dimensions of their life.

If you are ready to accelerate your journey, contact me today to schedule a confidential discussion.

Darin helped me evolve from a leader known for execution to an executive known for influence and impact. He helped me develop the toolbox to address a broader range of tactical, strategic, board-level, and now entrepreneurial matters.
Felix Serrano
CEO - Activus Connect

Darin is phenomenal at bringing out the best in people. He helped me become a much more effective executive in how I analyze complex situations and, in my ability, to deliver results through others.
Tom Farinacci
VP - Enlivant

Darin helped me refine my focus, increase my impact, and most importantly, ensure that I was providing the necessary support for everyone around me. His blend of empirical research, tools, and practical experience really helped accelerate our results. He helped me learn to thrive on both a professional and personal level.
Brandon Oliver
COO - PopHealthcare
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