CEO Sounding Board

Ideal for: Senior Executives and Business Owners

This is a unique partnership that provides a completely confidential and candid environment for CEOs to openly discuss challenges, explore untested ideas, and continue to focus on their own growth and success. The ideal candidate for this relationship is a CEO, business owner, or senior executive leading a major geography or business unit.

This is a truly bespoke relationship designed to meet the needs of the senior executive/owner. Existing and former clients describe the relationship as their personal sounding board or thinking partner. My background as a seasoned management consultant, executive coach, and former CEO and CPO allows me to understand and frame issues and questions in a way that helps clients gain new perspectives and better tap into their own expertise.

Although the context and demands are unique in each situation, the following are common scenarios facing my clients:

  • Leading major growth or organizational change
  • Launching a new business or business unit
  • Navigating new ownership and/or Board of Directors
  • Preparing for a major sale, IPO, or acquisition

One of the common themes among my CEO Sounding Board clients is the value they place on having a trusted partner who understands them and their situation, can ask challenging questions, and discuss sensitive matters in an environment of total confidentiality. This allows the leader to more fully vet their options and test their ideas in a private setting.

Structure and Duration: 

Because of the bespoke nature of this relationship, my clients and I discuss and agree up the structure that best fits their context and personality.  For example some clients prefer to develop a very structured approach to our work, while others prefer to establish clear goals but allow the structure and process to evolve as needed. A typical engagement is 6 to 18 months with a meeting cadence of  2-4 times per month.

If you are ready to accelerate your journey, contact me today to schedule a confidential discussion.

"Over the past several years our company has achieved amazing results and I attribute many of our successes to our work with Darin. He is an outstanding executive coach and an exceptional thought partner. I highly recommend Darin Rowell to any executive that is looking for a breakthrough in their organization’s leadership."
Tony Miller
President - Delek Retail

"Darin has been the coach and sounding board that helped me grow into my role as CEO during critical periods for our business."
Josh Bailey
CEO - eco energy

"Darin is the most outstanding executive coach I’ve ever worked with. His broad experience and ability to synthesize complex issues made him an invaluable sounding board to test my assumptions and challenge my thinking."
Guenter Dahm
CEO - Virtalis