3 Questions to Get Unstuck and Accelerate Progress


If you’re not occasionally getting stuck or at least temporally uncertain how to best move forward on an issue, you’re probably not up to much. Everyone I know who is accomplishing or attempting to accomplish big things, hits the inevitable roadblock or decision point where the next steps are confusing or unclear. It’s inherent in our fast-paced, ever changing world. The key is not to avoid these challenges but to build the skillset to quickly move through them. I have found this simple 3-Step process helps me refocus and regain momentum.

Question 1) What is the goal or task that I need to accomplish next?

When we’re in the midst of a larger, complex situation or project, it’s easy to lose perspective and to even feel overwhelmed with the scope of the challenge. Oftentimes, the best way to regain momentum is to narrow our focus and get clear on the next goal or task. 

Question 2) What is my #1 constraint to accomplishing it?

Once you are clear on the next goal or task to be accomplished, identify the #1 constraint that is impeding your progress. For example, what is the one constraint that if removed, would allow you to achieve forward momentum? There will certainly be additional constraints to address but keep in mind that our focus now is to gaining forward momentum. Once you are clear on the constraint, build a simple and actionable plan to resolve it.

Question 3) Who can I engage that can help me accelerate my progress?

Dan Sullivan, founder of Strategic Coach, is famous for reminding his members to always ask “Who” not “How” when attempting to accomplish big goals. I have found this advice to be spot-on. Identify the person or persons that can provide you with the support or resources to accelerate your progress and an actionable plan to engage them.

How do you get unstuck and accelerate process?

Remember to stay curious and enjoy the journey!

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